Akuma Group Wellness and Education Foundation (AGWEF) is a mental health, education, and telemedicine therapy charity, committed to changing lives of youth, orphans and widows by delivering for-purpose, innovative support programs for education and people experiencing mental health challenges.

We believe education and dealing with mental health or basic health is not just about dealing with crisis and diseases. Basic education, play therapy for youth and orphans or grief and loss counseling for widows and youths provide them healthy outlets to overcome their struggles, recover, and enjoy wellness.

The Group’s key contributors and practice leads sought to make a difference in the community where they work and live as an expression of their responsibility and accountability for the next generation represented by youths, orphans and widows. The Foundation focuses on play therapy for the youths and grief and loss counseling for women. By using telemedicine, other innovations linked to Information Communication and Technology, and social media involvement, the Foundation will draw attention to the plight of young people and women currently struggling with their mental health in Ghana.

Growing up in dysfunction is more likely to hinder healthy development of young people into self-sufficient healthy relational adults who then go onto to propagate their dysfunction onto the next generation and the cycle continues with sometime devastating consequences. The current spirit of the times is in favour of mental health awareness like never before. We have a very real opportunity to break the cycle of propagating dysfunction to our children so that they can have the best start in life so they change the world for the better instead of being hindered by their dysfunctional lives of the past.